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Meet Our Artist


Tattoo apprentice

Emily Payton

In the heart of creativity at Iron Orchid Tattoo, let's introduce Emily Payton, a born artist and our enthusiastic tattoo apprentice. With a passion for ink and an innate artistic flair, Emily is set to blossom into an extraordinary tattoo artist.

🖋️ A Born Artist: From the very start, Emily has demonstrated an inherent talent for artistry. Her natural gift for capturing emotions and translating them into visual stories sets her apart as a born artist, ready to explore the world of tattooing.

🌟 The Canvas Awaits: Emily Payton's journey as a tattoo apprentice is a canvas awaiting the vibrant strokes of her creativity. As she navigates the intricate world of ink, we anticipate her unique touch and the stories she will unfold on the skin.

💗 In Love with Pink, Accentuated by Black: Emily's love for pink is more than a preference; it's a signature style. Her artistic expressions come alive when infused with shades of pink, expertly complemented by the boldness of black. Get ready for a portfolio that seamlessly blends soft elegance with edgy contrasts.

🌈 Fast Learner in the Making: Emily's enthusiasm to learn and grow in the world of tattoo artistry is palpable. As a fast learner, she absorbs knowledge like a sponge and applies it with a precision that showcases her dedication to mastering the craft.

💉 Follow Emily's Journey: For a glimpse into Emily's artistic journey, follow us on [Social Media Handles]. From sketches to in-progress pieces, witness the evolution of an apprentice who is destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of tattoos.

🌸💪 Ready to Bloom: Emily Payton is not just a tattoo apprentice; she's a budding artist ready to bloom. Join us in nurturing her passion, celebrating her achievements, and welcoming the beauty she brings to Iron Orchid Tattoo

Crystal Peircer_edited.png


Brandon Vermillion

Crystal Smalls

Chelsey C$

Your piercing experience is about to reach new heights because the one and only Brandon is back at Iron Orchid Tattoo! Why is he the number one piercer? Well, with over 18 years of unrivaled experience, Brandon has become a maestro in the art of piercings, and his expertise truly shines.


👂 The Ear Piercing Specialist: If you're thinking of ear piercings, Brandon is your go-to artist. His finesse and precision with ear piercings are unparalleled. From cartilage to lobes, Brandon transforms each piercing into a work of art. You can trust your ears in his capable hands.


😌 A Soothing Presence: Nervous about the piercing process? No worries! Brandon knows exactly what to say to keep you calm and collected throughout the entire experience. His soothing words and reassuring demeanor create an environment of trust and relaxation.


🔥 18 Years of Mastery: They say practice makes perfect, and Brandon is living proof of that. With over 18 years of piercing mastery, every procedure is a testament to his dedication and skill. You're not just getting a piercing; you're getting an experience crafted by years of expertise.


🤝 We are ecstatic to have Brandon' at Iron Orchid! His presence adds not just a skilled piercer to our team but a familiar face that many of you have missed. The Iron Orchid family is complete once again.


💖 Your Piercing Confidence Boost: With Brandon, it's not just about the needle; it's about the confidence he instills in every client. From the moment you walk in to the final reveal, Brandon ensures your piercing experience is not just flawless but empowering.

Get ready for perfection, precision, and a touch of artistry – get pierced by Brandon at Iron Orchid Tattoo!

Not just your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist and shop owner but also a phenomenal piercer! With six kids of her own, Crystal brings a unique touch to the artistry, making her the go-to expert for everyone, especially the little ones.


🎨 Owner, Artist, and Piercer: A Triple Threat: Crystal isn't just a tattoo artist; she's the creative force behind the entire operation. As the one of proud owners of  Iron Orchid, she wears multiple hats with finesse – seamlessly transitioning from crafting breathtaking tattoos to mastering the delicate art of piercing.

👩‍👧‍👦 A Family Woman at Heart: With a bustling household of six kids, Crystal understands the importance of family and connection. Her warm and nurturing nature extends beyond the shop, creating an atmosphere where clients aren't just patrons; they're part of an extended inked family.


💖 Calming Anxiety, One Ink Session at a Time: Anxiety before getting a tattoo or piercing? Crystal's got it covered. Her empathetic approach and calming presence transform the studio into a sanctuary where nerves melt away, and every client feels like they're in the hands of a trusted friend.


🌈 A Safe Haven for All Ages: Crystal has created more than just a tattoo shop; she's cultivated a safe haven where age is just a number. From the youngest clients to those young at heart, Crystal ensures that everyone who walks through the doors feels welcome, understood, and leaves with a beautiful piece of art. Even the temporary tattoos for the children.

With Crystal at the helm, every tattoo and piercing becomes a celebration of art, family, and the magic that happens when passion meets professionalism


Piercing Apprentice

In the world of piercings, one name stands out as the epitome of dedication and customer service—C$, affectionately known as Chelsey. With a heart as golden as the jewelry she adorns, Chelsey has become a beacon of warmth and expertise in the piercing community.


📍 Chelsey's Piercing Haven: Welcome to Chelsey's Piercing Haven, where every puncture is transformed into a personalized experience, and every client becomes part of a journey towards self-expression and adornment. Nestled in the heart of Hodgenville, KY, Chelsey's studio is not just a space for piercings; it's a sanctuary where people are embraced, stories are shared, and unforgettable experiences unfold.


👂 Dedication Beyond the Needle: Chelsey's journey into piercing began with a profound love for people. Her commitment goes beyond the needle, as she combines technical expertise with a genuine passion for enhancing the beauty of each individual she serves. Chelsey doesn't just pierce; she crafts an experience—an artful dance of precision and care.


💖 A Heartfelt Approach: Known for her unparalleled dedication to customer service, Chelsey brings a personalized touch to every interaction. Her genuine care for clients is reflected in the meticulous attention to detail, from the initial consultation to the aftercare guidance. Chelsey's goal is not just to pierce; it's to make each person feel seen, heard, and adorned in a way that resonates with their unique identity.


🌈 A Palette of Piercing Possibilities: Chelsey's expertise extends across a diverse palette of piercing styles. Whether it's the delicate artistry of ear curation, the bold statements of facial piercings, or the intricate designs of body piercings, Chelsey's skillful hands transform each session into a canvas of self-expression.


🤝 Community-Centric Service: Chelsey's commitment to her community is unwavering. In addition to her exceptional piercing skills, she fosters a sense of belonging within her studio. Clients are not merely patrons; they are cherished members of a community that values diversity, individuality, and the shared love for body adornment.

 Follow along to witness how Chelsey transforms ordinary piercings into extraordinary expressions of self-love.

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our piercing family – the vivacious and full-of-life Sky! As our piercing apprentice, Sky brings an abundance of energy, eagerness to learn, and a spirit that's destined to elevate the art of piercing.

🚀 Sky: Ready to Soar High in the World of Piercing: Sky is not just an apprentice; she's a force to be reckoned with. Bursting with enthusiasm and a boundless desire to learn, Sky is poised to take the piercing world by storm.

⚡ Eager to Absorb Knowledge and Skills: Sky's energy isn't just for show; it's a driving force behind her eagerness to absorb knowledge and master the intricate skills of piercing. Watch as she transforms every lesson into an opportunity for growth, becoming a piercing aficionado in no time.

🌈 Bringing Fresh Perspectives and Boundless Creativity: Sky's fresh perspective injects new life into our piercing studio. With an eye for creativity and a mind open to endless possibilities, she is set to bring a unique touch to each piercing session.

🔥 Full of Life, Ready to Pierce: Sky's lively spirit is contagious, creating an atmosphere of excitement and positivity in the studio. It won't be long before she's wielding the needle with confidence and adding her own flair to the art of piercing.

📈 Follow Sky's Piercing Journey: Keen to keep up with Sky's journey from apprentice to piercing pro? Follow us on [Social Media Handles] for updates, sneak peeks behind the scenes, and the progress of our dynamic and energetic apprentice.

Here's to a bright future of piercings and creativity with Sky at the helm. Welcome to the team, Sky!

Meet Our Owners

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Henri Matisse

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